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Un Vino por Descubrir



El Vinculo: ‘What blows my mind…’

Olly Smith of Three Wine Men
“This wine is an aboslute eye opener for me. Got to be the smash hit bargain for Christmas Day here at the wine show. Full of savoury layers, incredible freshness, deft winemaking. Totally natural, unfiltered, resonant as a bell ringing that´s hollowed out from the most giant grape of Bacchus himself. Incredible wine, aboslutely mind blowing depth. It will subsume you if you sip it.

What blows my mind about that wine is that it’s made unsupervised by a chap in his eighties, who’s still so connected with his place and still pioneering great wine from places like La Mancha, which should be more popular, should have more prestige. Ah –too exciting! “